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Suggestions and questions about the quality of service can be sent using a special form or call:

8 (495) 743-0000

on weekdays from 10 to 18 hours

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Call our hotline number to book a taxi in Moscow: 743-0000, 726-3399.

Our experience, coupled with our passion for excellence enables us to deliver an unrivalled level of service to our clients. We have a computer assisted call taking and dispatching system and respond quickly to customer needs. A fully computerized system allows us to match each address with the closest driver, so you can have a taxi even in 5 minutes!

It's very quick to book our taxi. If you make a repeated call, you can avoid primary operations because the system recognize your phone number.

Now you can book a taxi from your PC before going off for your appointment or going home. Advance bookings is available by phone or online. Call us or use our web taxi booking service: Online order.

We commit to deliver top quality services to our customers!